Sunday, October 7, 2012

Welcome Everyone!!

Hello everyone!
Before anyone of you freak out or wonder what happened to the fornax page and mags: it’s technically still there in the tabs above! As we’re growing in terms of projects as a 2 man(ish) studio, we’ve decided to focus of the Duelist Studios name and bring everything we’ve done along.
With that being said, welcome to the new blog! :)

We’re still working hard on our next ventures in the realm of art (erotic and non) Since this is our first posting, we’d like to introduce our next project that will be released VERY soon actually. Friday October 12th 2012! This new book, at a small price, will feature around 30 plus pages of erotic short stories involving our own Original Characters, called: Double Barrel

This is just a sample of things to come as we’re constantly expanding our knowledge base and partnerships of all kinds. We’re even looking into making this blog into an official site! 

We’ll keep you posted on our developments and what’s coming up! Keep a close watch on this blog and thanks for stopping by!

Duelist Studios

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