Thursday, October 11, 2012

Double Barrel out NOW!

Hey Folks,

As our second post, we'd like to introduce our first original content book to the public under the studios banner:

 and at the price of: NOTHING! Zero, notta, free! Mainly due to many of the online retailers weren't as good as we'd hoped, so instead we setup a donate button of the right side of the blog. People can support us that way!

This book features two main short stories involving our main Original Characters we've been drawing through out the years.  We've also included exclusive pin-ups for you to gawk at. As per our other books, it remains as a .PDF file, which weights around 36 megs (high resolution images )

Hope you all like our efforts put into this book and feedback always welcome!

More updates will follow! keep in touch by subscribing! 

Duelist Studios


  1. Guys, what the hell... I really didn't expect a so accurate work! I enjoyed every chapter and I can see how hard you worked on it.
    Hamz, Renegade Shybuya - pitstop is a really awesome! The color is warm and I love Bam and Mika's faces and bodies. They looks so passionate lovers, I can almost feel their passion. It's just like to spy a couple from the key hole.
    Ultam, I liked Ascertaining Ascension. You were able to put sex in the narration without to ruin a good sci-fi story. Can't wait to read the next part.
    Pin-ups, bios, and sketches as extra bonus are really the final touch, the cherry on top.
    Guys this is something beyond the mere pornography... this is ART!
    I feel ashamed that I was able to do a so cheap doantion for a so awesome product, forgive me!!
    Take care boys and keep it up.
    your friend Mala.

    1. Glad you liked the individual stories and time spent on the content. Comments like this help us keep pushing forward and always welcomed! Thanks again for the support1

  2. Sadly it seems your out of usage on the DL site, any chance of another up?