Monday, January 28, 2013

GIRLS Announcement!

Hiya folks!

As promised we are hard at work on our next project, and this one entitled GIRLS. the massive book will contain female characters from all genres and types from what we love from video games, shows, cartoons, etc... This book will be a year long endeavor collecting some of the finest fanart chicas we can think of spread across the pages ;)

However, during the development cycle, we'll do something a tad different. Unlike previous installments, were we teased the whole contents months leading to the release, we'll be sharing with you (granted smaller size) 80% of the content on this blog as well as on our personal art galleries and 20% exclusive material to the book!

Hamz was kinda enough to create a mock-up cover for the event:

As well he's already hard at work on the content itself and here's a few more preview images for you to eat up.


P.S. we would like to thank the ones that donated recently towards our cause, great appreciated and a big thank you!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Stuffed on Cracked! :O

First it was mister Casey Hudson, but now we have even though its a brief mention, still a funny as hell mention, the Thundecats stuff is showcased.Here's the copy and paste of the section found on the site, here's the snippet:

"Thanks to the Internet, the average modern teenager has seen more nudity than an orgiastic Roman emperor with X-ray vision. We've realized that human genitals are like LEGO: lots of fun to put together, and if you get bored with all the possible combinations, you can buy extra bits to connect. But this ability to screw absolutely everything has spilled over into, well, absolutely everything. For example: The '80s aren't just nostalgia, they're subconscious urges that have been stewing in hormones for 30 years.
Duelist Studios (NSFW)
It still gets longer when he shouts, but gives her an unfortunate double meaning for "Thundercats, ho!"
Sex has leaked into science fiction. And just like science fiction warned us, the real madness begins when this stuff escapes into the real world.
(All links in this article are obviously, ludicrously NSFW, unless your job is making these things.)

Thanks to Supro for spotting this!
Enjoy! XD

Saturday, January 5, 2013


Hope everyone had a good one!

As we've been busy with friends and family it's now time to get back to work! We do have some personal projects we do need to finish up still left on our plate, but rest assured we're working on exclusive content for the blog! so stay tuned!

Tanks again for the people who donated to our cause! We've update the button to something more playfull and appealing :D

See you all soon!