Saturday, May 30, 2015

Site's not dead..but

Howdy folks,

It was under my impression that this blog was going to close down..but guess Blogger decided to switch their content policies around after a mere 48 hours lol So this blog will be kept open! Now onto better things:

New Books?

So I'm receiving a lot of these messages about a new book is being made, either Fornax or other is coming out. In the immediate future, i would say: no. We aren't working on anything right now, but can't say for the distant future, who knows!

Broken download links?

Also receiving messages for this, and mostly down in the lines of the dropbox links being non-functional. So i investigated a bit further and found out that both Fornax books were generating so much traffic, Dropbox pulled the plug on both. So unfortunately you will need to use the Deposit file links.