Monday, April 1, 2013

Ashana and Vas Boon Boom

So we thought that the article items on the cover were completely absurd and people would get the April Fool' joke..but guess not lol

So to clarify: Fornax 3 cover was the joke! :D we're unfortunately not making a third one as previously stated.

We're currently focusing on the GIRLS book, which will have some ME stuff in there and if artists want to join in, they could!  But we decided to go all out on the cover (light and camera effects) and we're pleased how it turned out :D


Lineart and Base Tones - Hamz
Colors and Effects - Ulta


  1. Damn April fools, but any chance of working on it after girls?

    1. sadly, don't think so, after some of the comments we've seen or received, doesn't really entice to continue :S

    2. Damn it :(, oh well there always girls to look forward too :D

  2. I didn't see the original there a link to it?

  3. Yeah, I kinda thought that was quick, with the talk about the Girls comic you were doing.

    Still, great image, though ^_^

  4. I'd love to see more of Miss Vas Boom Boom, that's for sure. ^^ - Viscount Tusc