Saturday, December 15, 2012

Thundercats - The Passions of Thundera is OUT!

Hi everyone,

As promised, we're delivery our latest fanart related project: The Passions of  Thundera is out!
You'll find all sorts of pin-ups and series of your favorite gals from the show. Currently hovering around 60 pages, the book is of course in full color and includes a fun bonus section.

Hope everyone enjoys!

Duelist Studios


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  2. OMFG!!! Thank you! I love your work and how much you put into your art. Keep up the good work.

  3. All of the pictures look great. Many complaments to any and all artists who contributed.

  4. I'M KINDA saddened that there wasn't allot of WilyKit, and Lion-O's Mom.
    Hope to see more next time. I LOVED THIS BEYOND THE NORM!

  5. que bueno !!! buen trabajo de ilustracion.